исследование ⟶ нарратив ⟶ скульптура 

Art for me is a form of research and plastic experiment. I lead my viewers through the field where anthropology and sculptural form intersect, pointing out significant things without interfering with finding something of their own in it. 

Born in Zelenograd, Russia.

Lives and works in Paris, France.

After first IT Education I've graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Moscow in 2020.

Participant in exhibitions in Russia, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark.

My current work includes sculpture, installations, video and photography.

AUGUSTENBORG PROJECT ⟶ exhibition after summer residence ⟶ CHOICE


2023 // Augustenborg, Denmark

An exhibition after a summer residency at the Augustenborg Project in in southern Denmark.
Made in collaboration with Sergei Prokofiev.

AA-E ⟶ burned out

2023 // Paris, France

Exhibition of works that were made in a new place 

VERKLIGHETEN ⟶ exhibition after summer residence


2022 // Umeå, Sweden

Presentation in the exhibition form after a summer residency at the Verkligheten Gallery in northern Sweden.
Made in collaboration with Sergei Prokofiev.

APPENDIX ⟶ I’m eating silence by the spoon   


2022, Moscow

Exhibition about silence during the war

TRIUMPH ⟶ amok. End of the world every day

2022, Moscow


In the Triumph Gallery are my burning birch inhabitants of the apocalypse and their totemic non-burning hand.

NEW WING of the GOGOL HOUSE ⟶ human isolation experiences

2022, Moscow

"THE PLACE OS FIRE" residence for glass and ceramics artists ⟶ panacea ⟶ ALTAR


2021, Lake Peipsi / Chudskoye 

One of the first works as a part of research the aftermaths of nuclear tests.

The altar by the stone on the shore is with candles and artifacts. Like everything is already over and we need to look for ways again.

GAGARIN.DOC ⟶ human isolation experiences

2021, Saratov

Gagarin.DOC / "Art and Power"
Ceramic clouds with rainbows. The works of mine were checked by censorship from the Ministry of Culture

NEW WING of the GOGOL HOUSE ⟶ the future after

2021, Moscow

video of me throwing a sledgehammer on a tire, over and over again

15 minutes for break 

2020, Moscow ⟶ 2021, Nijniy Novgorod

Sketches from a pencil case, painting /// Interview

Arts and crafts museum, Moscow / "Arsenal" Kremlin, Nijniy Novgorod

MMOMA-Moscow ⟶ the gift 


2019 ⟶ 2020, Moscow

The first solo exhibition of a museum scale. 

What is the relationship between sacrificial gifts and modern household rituals? 
Are gifts not only an expression of sympathy, but also an expression of power?
What is the daily sacrifice and invisible work of the artist?


 the unknown tableful 


2019, Rora, Italy

Installation with ceramic masks, herbariums and cyanotype graphics on fabric

MMOMA-Moscow ⟶ give a rub to the bronze dog

2019, Moscow

The project is dedicated to the belief in "everyday magic", intuitive dependence on signs and rituals


WINZAVOD.OPEN ⟶ Hydropony/xvatit

2019, Moscow

Two group projects in the labyrinth exhibition


MMOMA-Moscow ⟶ ​daemons in a machine​

2018, Moscow

a randomly talking idol of the new demonology on the table of students at the school at the Museum of Modern Art


MMOMA-Moscow  ⟶  the system of ciphered signs 

2018, Moscow

A bowl with an inscription on a binary code, based on a wordplay. 
Participants of the exhibition comprehend and study the surrounding structure of verbal and non-verbal symbols and signs, which are a modeling system of cognition of oneself and the world.

The exhibition is a special project of the 6th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.


POLYTECHNIC’s depository ⟶ the progress is obsolescent 

2018, Moscow

Ceramic devices that work on the principle of a camera obscura


CCI FABRIC ⟶ you've got 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 new messages

2018, Moscow

Communication problems and a series of ceramic characters


STREET-ART ⟶ clay community 

as personal as it could be

2017 ⟶ 20..⟶ ...

Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Catalonia, Montenegro 

Gifts to the cities I've visited – made in advance and left in the right places.


Elektrozavod gallery - MMXVII*

2017⟶ 2018, Moscow

Soap cooked with dirt of the independent gallery's floor as сritical contemporary art in a neat New Year's packaging


 XL Gallery ⟶ unknown artist

2017, Moscow

Picnic plates for tradition


BENETTON Foundation ⟶ looking eastward

2011, Treviso, Italy 

when you are just beginning to understand contemporary art, and you are already doing work for the Benetton Foundation